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Serving children and families is at the heart of what we do. We offer a wide range of specialist services.

We work with complex and challenging children and families.

We have vast experience in Court work which includes giving evidence in different Courts.

We have good knowledge of community resources and services to which we can link families.

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Parenting Assessments - Sibling Together and Apart Assessments

Viability Assessments - Special Guardianship Assessments

Form F. Assessments - Court Directed Work and Assessments

Supervised Contact - Comprehensive Parenting Assessments

Global Contact Assessments - Welfare Visits and Reporting

Section 7 and Section 37 Reports - Later Life Letters and Life-Story Books


Extra Support

Information and advice is given for:

  • Six to eight sessions of parenting work to strengthen families.

  • For families to understand Child Protection and how to work with Children’s Services in this regard.

  • Drug related problems.

  • Domestic violence issues.

  • Healthy relationships.